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Musical Writing/Development Classes

Have you ever wondered why there’s no easily accessible format on how to write a musical? Whether it's workshopping an existing idea or creating something new, Johnny Cassidy's 8-week course will walk you through the development of writing a musical. This one hour course assists with breaking down the elements that tell a successful musical story as well as an overview for collaboration with composers. By the end of the course, students will leave with a musical outline, character breakdowns and song sheets with feedback. So bring your life experiences and a laptop!

Class Length & Times

One Hour Session/Eight Weeks


Mondays: 6pm PST & 7pm PST 

Thursdays 12pm PST & 1pm PST

*** Each course is limited to 10 people. Upon payment, one is enrolled for the whole course.



200$ flat fee. 25$ per session.



Week 1 - 5/2 & 5

Script: Concept and Loglines

Music: Tone and Music interests 


Week 2 -  5/9 & 12

Script: Themes & Characters

Music: Opening Numbers 


Week 3 - 5/16 & 19

Script: Outline of Musical

Music: I Want & Character Belief songs 


Week 4 - 5/23 & 26

Script: Outline of Musical pt 2

Musical: Motifs and Musical Themes 

Week 5 - 5/30 & 6/2

Script: Breaking Down Scenes and Themes on Outlines

Musical: Lyrical Conception Writing


Week 6 - 6/6 & 9

Script: Act Breaks and Length Trials 

Musical: Working with a Composer


Week 7 - 6/13 & 16

Script: Research & Dramaturgy

Musical: Finding a Composer


Week 8 - 6/20 & 23

Script: Feedback & Final Packaging

Musical: Final Packaging

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