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The Consequences of
Victoria Grey

My debut novel and sophomore musical. Written to fit both stage and book - it was about a girl who used magic amulets with superpowers. A commentary on mental health and how much is in one's control. (Currently still developing)

Demographic: 11-13


Me & Drew

During the production of the feature film of my senior year, I worked with freshman to create a fun sitcom about brothers. Short and sweet, with 6 episodes.

Demographic: 8-12



After COVID-19, I had to make my senior thesis​. This is a 90 minute feature film about cyber-bullying. Written with 22 original songs with composer Michael Van Bodegom. We were able to use the story for a stage show - as I started my business for licensing musicals for high schools. 

Demographic: 8-11



Norman the Nomad

A fun project before college where I practiced a serialized season of episodes! The first time I was able to get more views than other projects.

Demographic: 16+


Jenson Goes to College

 My first college production with a crew of 10 people! It went viral briefly. I had my first editor help teach me how to format sitcoms. It's about a kid whose parents move into his dormitory. We filmed the 8-episode season in a four-day timespan.


Demographic: 18+


Drama Club

Welcome to high school drama! Drama Club that is. Join the Kingston East students as they practice, rehearse and prepare for their production of 'Grease!' the musical.

Demographic: 8-12


Nolan's List

After sophomore year, I transferred to Studio School in Los Angeles to get closer to the industry. We did this for 2 years, 10 episodes each season. The series is about a kid who goes to college with a bucket list. Ended before season three.

Demographic: 16+


Production Problems:
The Motion Picture

... A feature film based on the show! I wrote 10 musical numbers, and the full 90 minute film. This was a senior project from high school.

Demographic: 8-13



"Producing Problems"

First time I wrote a script for a series. Started my sophmore year, I wrote this Work-place comedy about students in the video production class that use their resources to skip class/have fun. I was able to get it on the TV every Monday in High School, getting unwanted feedback from every kid in school, haha! We did it the show for 2 years (30 episodes split into 3 seasons) and then did a…

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