The Film

Under Six Days and $5,000

            This project started out as a short until we realized how simple the entire feature version was. Spending as much money as we did on the school location, we thought, “Hey, the short is only 2 scenes at the school. We already have an 8 hour day, why don’t we just do the other 6 and try for the whole movie?” and since the movie primarily takes place in 6 locations, we only really needed the 6 days. 

            Rehearsals and vocal demos were already a few months in at that point, preparing for a shot. When we asked the actors, they were pumped at the challenge of taking on the rest of the script. We still had about a month where we continued rehearsals and understanding the full feature. Me and the Director of Photography, Paul Cosby, had also consistent meetings going over how we can shoot 60 scenes simple and effectively.

            By the time we got to set, actors were all ready and the crew was ready for the challenge. All about 8-9 hour days ended early, only needing to add some pickups and an extra day in Aurora’s bedroom. Overall, it wasn’t anything super fancy and ended up being around $5,000 total from the budget. The same it would have been for the short, but now we had an entire film done.

          A student set comes with a lot of limitations, and COVID didn’t make it easier. Luckily the Director, Producer and Compliance Officer all were certified in COVID Compliance. Special time was allotted for taking temperature, sanitizing props, and blocking people apart. We occasionally had to cut scenes that sometimes didn’t take priority over the precautions. Cast and crew had to remain separate so we had to block scenes with only the essential crew positions. Including as much as the Director, Producer, DP, and Sound, but sometimes limited to just a DP and Sound. Overall, it challenged us to be able to make compromises that still worked in relation to the core of the show.

COVID-19 Restrictions

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Cast & Crew

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Kian Morehead  

'Hudson Planeston'


         Kian graduated from Orange County school of the Arts in theater and is planning on moving out to New York to continue a career in broadway performance. He has played roles such as Ren in “Footloose” and Bobby in “Crazy for You”. He is a tap dancer and singer and is thrilled to have a chance to share his skills on film. 

Jordan Pratt  

Vocal Performance of 'Hudson'

         Jordan Pratt is a Long Beach based singer-songwriter. Jordan writes pop/alternative music, with genre influences ranging from intimate acoustic singer-songwriter, to piano driven pop/rock and soul. Jordan’s background in classical vocal performance and musical theater influences his powerful vocal performances and story-focused songwriting. Influences include Bon Iver, Novo Amor, and Ben Folds.

Breanna Cossette  

'Aurora Chesler'

          Breanna Cossette is a newbie to LA and is excited to start her first project here. Before LA she spent three years in New York City, and before that, She was in Chicago. She’s done many student short films.

Breanna Self 

Vocal Performance of 'Aurora'

          Breanna Self, the musical voice of Aurora, is a recent graduate of Tulane University. She majored in finance and is currently pursuing a career on Wall Street in Manhattan, but her life-long passion for music singing drove her to explore musical theater and audition for Aurora’s singing voice. 

Johnny Cassidy


          Johnny Cassidy has been making people laugh since he was in middle school. Through making puppet shows and parody shorts, he became entranced with the relationship between media and people. As he transitioned into high school and college, he took video production and screenwriting classes and started producing. He's produced multiple webseries as well as a musical feature film.

         Currently he is seeking internship and writing opportunities with networks that produce kids' content.  In the meantime he shopping around new pilots and pitches for kid's comedy concepts. He also is hentinues to research mental health he will consistently work on finding ways to comping friends with similar goals develop their series and pilots. While working he communicate positive messages through his characters.

Michael Van Bodegom-Smith


          Michael Van Bodegom-Smith is the award winning composer of the critically acclaimed animated short Kenya's Symphony (NYICFF), the action-driven comedy Bounty Huntin’, and the upcoming distinctive animated series, Center of the Universe. 

          With a background rooted in classical and jazz trumpet, Michael's music features prominent use of the brass section, fueled by a rich blend of contemporary harmony and lush orchestration. Whether the composition is showcasing a big band, full orchestra, or synthesisers, Michael always emphasizes memorable melodies with a strong rhythmic foundation.

         Paul Cosby  

Director of Photography


          Cinematographer and Director, based out of Los Angeles. His work includes award winning student films such as "MYSELF", "A Chance to Talk," and "To Kill a Lily, which won Best Student Horror Short at the Los Angeles Film Festival Awards (LAIFFA). Presently, he is in post production on a new short titled, "Greg and Lizz." Watch out for his work at @paul_cosby where you may find his contact info as well.

Grayson Shapiro

Key Producer

           Grayson Shapiro, a key producer on Authenticity is a Los Angeles based filmmaker specializing in dark humor through directing, writing and cinematography.