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"The Consequences
of Victoria Grey"

Every superpower has its consequence. At least, that's what Victoria Grey has been told by her mentor, Master Kodai. With the world fully committed to logical solutions, it's hard for Victoria to believe emotions still matter. When the public find out that she uses magic amulets, suddenly her title of 'organic superhero' is shattered. As her skin continues to crack due to the repressing of her emotions, she’s gonna have to come to terms that her biggest enemy isn’t in the people around her- her mindset.

Customize your theme & message!

In this 50-minute musical, kids get to decide the trait that makes Victoria Grey so controversial. In the original piece, the theme is logic vs. emotions - but this allows the group to decide on a top that seems just or unjust. In this particular piece, the class is encouraged to fill in placeholder words to fit the narrative they want to convey.

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