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Image by Hector Falcon


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Authenticity follows Aurora, an insta-famous girl who wants a real friend, but can't because of the repressive influence of social media. In order to be her true self, she creates a fake profile and chats Hudson, an overly emotional kid whom she bullies for being so sensitive. As she gets closer to him, she combats both Hudson and her vulnerable side. As people start to discover Aurora's secret, she soon has to choose between her reputation and Hudson.

Image by Manos Gkikas

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75 Minutes


3 Male, 4 Female + Up to 10 Ensemble


Performance Rights, Libretto PDF, Sheet Music PDF, Orchestral Tracks & Piano Tracks  

"I give Authenticity: The Musical 5/5 stars.  It is entertaining and has great messages about fitting in which is something that kids of all ages, need to learn how to address. "

  - Tom K, KIDS FIRST! Film Festival

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