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Johnny Cassidy is Authentic Stories
Comedic and Dramatic IP development

Being authentic nowadays is one of the riskiest things. Because of technology, the political climate, expectations… it’s important now more than ever to form genuine relationships. Everyone can be a victim, but everyone can also be a bully. After watching the show, I hope the audience feels a sense of accountability for how we treat others both on and offline. The only solution to the never-ending fight against bullying is empathy. 

Johnny Cassidy is a disability advocate with a passion for comedic and mental health-themed stories. In 2020 he made an anti-bullying feature film ‘Authenticity: the Musical’. After positive reception, he adapted the story to the stage at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where it received five sold-out performances as well as the Encore award. He expanded the musical to a company that creates mental health-related shows for high schools. As he continues adding musicals to his repertoire, he focuses daily on writing middle-grade novellas while working as a Nanny with kids on the spectrum.


Johnny Cassidy has written and produced six web series, a musical feature film, and two stage shows. His feature film, Authenticity, was selected to participate in over ten film festivals as well as winning four awards. He was given the ‘Best Director Award - New York’ award for the month of September for the film. In 2021, he adapted the film to a stage production where it received five sold out shows and an ‘Encore Award’ performance. Being praised for bringing modern mental health themes to audiences, he took the success to establish a licensing company that produces original modern musicals aimed to high schoolers called ‘Authentic Stories’. 

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