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Modern Musicals with a twist!

We create and package original content - musicals - that focus on the importance of adolescent mental health in today's world. We want to offer these materials to educational facilities who are looking for ways to produce meaningful expression in the form of performance without the limits of age, budget, and resources. We are proud to say that we produce all of our scripts, cast albums, and instrumental music all in-house here at Authentic Stories.

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High Schools   -   Community Theater  -  Non-Profits

Similar to how TikTok taught us to be creative on our own, we wanted our musicals to show how to be creative as a team. We do this through making original musicals that have the flexibility to accommodate any creative mind! Whether you’re an educator, a nonprofit organization or a community theater- we want to show kids that they can make a musical. Authentic connection is the key to emotional growth, you could never imagine what a musical could do to make a kid "blossom", not just for others but for themselves.

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