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Image by Hector Falcon

Bunny's Mid-Plush Crisis

One Act Sitcom

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About the Show

Get ready for "Bunny's Mid-Plush Crisis," the pilot episode for a hilarious new sitcom! Bunny, a self-aware toy now navigating life in the backyard, is on a laugh-filled mission to rally his plush pals for a heartwarming comeback. They're a bit ruffled but ready for action, as Bunny grapples with his new outdoor life and Bill's middle school adventures. Tune in and join the fluff-filled fun and friendships – It's playtime with a twist!

Best Way to Perform

Step into the whimsical world of voice acting and puppeteering, or embrace both! In this live sitcom episode, actors get a unique opportunity to lampoon amateur puppet theater. Bring a beloved stuffed animal from home or discover a hidden gem at a thrift store, and together, we'll animate a universe filled with playful toys of your own making. Revel in the antics of Bunny and friends as you cleverly shatter the fourth wall, demonstrating how DIY projects and a touch of magic can bring laughter to any classroom setting!

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Image by Manos Gkikas

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30 Minutes


6 Male, 6 Female


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