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Image by Hector Falcon

Heartbreak Hospital

One Act Sitcom


About the Show 

Brought to you by the creatives behind ‘Authenticity: the Musical,” comes an all new fantasy story blending the complexities of love – "Heartbreak Hospital”. Step into a world where heartache is not just an emotion, but a condition treated with as much seriousness as any physical ailment. In a future where the heartbroken find refuge, Dr. McHullagan’s revolutionary hospital stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking solace from the pangs of lost love. Through a blend of Johnny Cassidy’s storytelling, with captivating soul-stirring music by Michael Van Bodegom Smith, “Heartbreak Hospital” delves into the complexities of love, the path to self-discovery, and the power of emotions. This musical is an exploration of the human condition, a poignant reminder that sometimes, the road to healing is as intricate as the heart itself. 

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Image by Manos Gkikas

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45 Minutes


3 Male, 5 Female


Performance Rights, Musical Tracks, Score

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